Madam Boss
COMEDIAN Madam Boss has spoken for the first time on the jumpsuit she wore at the Star FM Music Awards and has caused so much controversy saying it was not see-through as people thought.

The comedian has for the better part of the week been the butt of jokes and criticism from people after they said the figure-hugging jumpsuit was inappropriate as it showed her nakedness.

Others did not see anything wrong with it saying Madam Boss actually looked stunning.

However Madam Boss ended up apologising to her fans for her dressing on social media.

Speaking on a national radio station yesterday Madam Boss, who was accompanied by her husband Ngoni Munetsiwa, said the see-through parts of the outfit was actually gold detailing.

“The jumpsuit has gold print on the thighs. So the gold print looked the same as my skin and it looked as if I was naked, like it was see through and it was lace. But if you see the jumpsuit it isn’t the case. It’s not see-through, but material that stretches and every place that has gold looks like it’s my skin,” said Madam Boss.

She said she wore the jumpsuit because it was trendy and in fact it was her husband who chose the outfit.

“I felt that this was the kind of fashion that’s trendy these days. Plus, I advertise clothes and outfits for a variety of people, like that jumpsuit. Before I wear any piece of clothing I ask my husband which one I should be dressed in,” said Madam Boss.

“There were three outfits on the bed complete with the shoes and I asked him to choose which I should wear. I wanted to wear the pink jumpsuit that I posted on my Instagram, but I thought it was a bit over the top. He chose the jumpsuit for me.”

Asked why she apologised, Madam Boss said she was not used to being insulted so much as a personality and felt compelled to say something to quieten the storm.

“When I started off in the industry I put aside my personal life. I’m not used to people insulting me. I do see some comments but they don’t really affect me. I felt that I needed to apologise and let people know that I’m sorry if they felt offended by what I was wearing,” said Madam Boss.

After apologising Madam Boss disabled her personal Facebook page Tyra Chikocho and urged her followers to go to her Instagram account.

On Monday another video of Madam Boss this time wearing a pink jumpsuit was posted and she said as a comedian she was trying to further lighten the mood, but it backfired.

“We sat down with my husband and we asked ourselves what we should do. He suggested I do something else with another jumpsuit. Thereafter you know how people can be. It was captured and people started saying a lot of things. I’ve learnt my lesson,” said Madam Boss.chronicle