Sungura musician Alick Macheso is not leaving his nyau culture anytime soon if his Bindura show on Saturday is anything to go by.

The musician was joined by a fan on stage and engaged in well-choreographed nyau dances much to the pleasure of many in a packed Tendai Hall.

On several shows, it is usually his dancers who perform the dances while he is on the guitar but on Saturday, he put the guitar aside and showcased his moves among other dances.

Macheso is usually referred by the moniker Chigure and he once told the Daily News that he is not affected by the nickname as he grew up in the culture.

“Hanzi hee chigure, hapana chitsva ipapo, takakura mazviri, (there is nothing new about being called chigure, I grew up in it and in Malawi it’s actually a culture),” he said.

The musician, who was conducting farewell gigs over the weekend ahead of his trip to the United Kingdom this week will be travelling together with musicians Suluman Chimbetu, Great Man and Seh Calaz.

Upon his return, he will have a welcome gig at one of his favourite hunting grounds — Pamuzinda — along Bulawayo Road.

“We will be flying to UK on Thursday for a once-off performance.

“We will be sharing the stage with fellow musicians such as Sulu.

“We are happy with the turn out at the farewell gigs and we have since lined up welcome gigs with the first being Pamuzinda on March 8,” Tich Makahamadze, Macheso’s publicist said.

He completed his weekend with a show at Club Las Vegas in Southerton on Sunday, supported by Beatrice-based sungura musician Simon Mutambi, who took to the stage while he was on a break