Socialite Lumi’s case against Insurance  Pension Commission (IPEC) boss Grace Muradzikwa’s son Kundai has gone against her as he has been acquitted.

Newsday reports that Luminitsa Jemwa had accused Kundai of unlawful entry into her house and stealing US$32 000 cash together with US$120 000 worth of valuables. Jemwa was renting the apartment owned by the Muradzikwa family and was evicted in October 2021.

Kundai had denied the theft allegations saying the socialite wanted to fix him for throwing his goods out of the house following a dispute over non-payment of rentals.

Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka ruled that Jemwa’s  testimony was fraught with irregularities. She said Jemwa could not have left such a huge amount of money in a wardrobe yet WhatsApp messages indicated that she was pleading with her landlord to give her time to look for the money to pay rentals.

Chakanyuka said Kundai took photographs of the goods he removed from the house and sent it to the complainant, an indication that he was transparent.