A KUWADZANA woman is under fire from residents who are accusing her of taking and distributing nude photographs of her 16-year-old daughter in return for money.

She denies the allegations and is passing the blame on her daughter.

The nude photographs were later posted by her lover in a WhatsApp group made up of Kuwadzana students from various schools.

Angeline Chihoho, who is a member of the Roman Catholic Church, had to undergo a counselling session with her church priest, after residents confronted her over the shameless act.

Angeline denied the allegations saying her daughter was the one who took the nude photographs.

She claimed her daughter then sent the nudes to her lover, based in United Kingdom, in an effort to try and seduce him to marry her.

“I am not the one who took the nude photographs, she took them herself,” said Angeline.

“We were surprised to discover that she posed for one of the photographs in our bedroom and it angered me and her father.

“We have enemies circulating false information but the truth is that her aunt used an electric cable to beat her over the photographs.

“Her father forced her to sign a letter that she would not use a mobile phone until we are satisfied with a change in her behaviour.

“People implicated me and attacked my church position to an extent that the priest had to take me for counselling.

“I nearly removed my church uniform because of that and the priest saved my soul.

“One of my friends took the whole day counselling my daughter and the priest also got time to speak with her over the photographs since it was affecting her education.”

The daughter’s aunt, Nelia Kakiwa, told H-Metro that she was angered by the shameless act and took action.

“Kurudzi kwedu hakuna munhu akamboita zvekufumuka kudaro saka ndakamurova,” said Nelia.

“How can you get married by sending your private parts and posing for nude photos to your lover?

“She posed for nude photographs in her father’s bedroom, dining room and in a toilet.

“It is unacceptable,” said Nelia.