Chegutu West Member of Parliament Dexter Nduna has been challenged to tell the nation what he knows about the missing journalist Itai Dzamara.

The challenge came from Itai’s brother Patson Dzamara after Nduna confessed in parliament that he has killed many people some of whom he does not know.

“In light of the bold and boastful utterances by one not so Honourable MP, Dexter Nduna claiming that he has killed many people, it is no longer debatable that ZANU-PF kills people.” Patson Dzamara said. “Nduna must tell the nation who he has killed. He must tell us what he knows about Itai Dzamara.”

Patson further said he concurred with Norton Member of Parliament that Zimbabweans must resist being threatened by ZANU PF members.

“I’ve just finished watching what transpired in Parliament today (Wednesday). I totally agree with Temba Mliswa. We can’t continue allowing ourselves to be threatened and killed by people who think being ZANU PF makes them gods. Mliswa is right considering that nothing happens to perpetrators.”

The missing Itai Dzamara was getting his haircut at a Harare barbershop in 2015 when five armed men seized him, shoved him into an unmarked truck and sped off. He hasn’t been seen since.

Dzamara was the leader of a pro-democracy movement called “Occupy Africa Unity Square” that was demanding former President Robert Mugabe to resign.

Former Minister of Information Jonathan Moyo revealed that Itai Dzamara was abducted by members of the Military Intelligence Department