KIRAN Hospital, one of India’s top specialist and health research centres, is seeking to construct a 550-bed sanatorium in Zimbabwe, which will serve local patients and those from other African countries.

In an interview, Australian-Indian foreign investment consultant Mr Satishkumar Gandhi said the hospital will bring convenience to patients who have had to fly to India for specialist and quality healthcare.

Representatives from Samast Patidar Aarogya Trust, the owners of Kiran Hospital, which specialises on cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, endocrinology, laparoscopic surgery, nuclear medicine, neurosurgery, gastroenterology and gastrointestinal surgery, nephrology and bariatric surgery are expected in the country next month.

Mr Gandhi said: “The owners of Kiran Hospital are sending people to Zimbabwe in March. The purpose of the trip is to see if they can build a specialist hospital in the country. Kiran Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in India, it is a 550-bed hospital. It has everything, all the facilities needed to meet all types of health emergencies are there. The idea of building a specialist hospital in Zimbabwe came about after the realisation that many people from Africa seek specialist healthcare such as heart surgery and kidney transplant in India. So the plan is to bring that facility to Africa and Zimbabwe has been identified as the ideal location of the hospital. So they will be here in March, let them come and explore and ask questions.”

Mr Gandhi also revealed that the Samast Patidar Aarogya Trust representatives will also be accompanied by potential investors who are interested in mining and buying Zimbabwe’s diamonds.

“The same delegation will include investors who are interested in diamonds, some want to mine, others want to be buyers.

“The invitation has already been sent to all of them. In that invitation, I made it clear that contrary to what the international media reports, Zimbabwe is a safe destination for investment and for visit.

“There are very nice people here, I have been here for a week and I have not faced any challenges. The people are very educated and peaceful. I have been taking walks at night and I have not been mugged or harassed, not even once. Yes, something happened in January, but that happens now and then in every country. It’s nothing to worry about,” he said.

The Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Cde Raj Modi said he extended an invitation to Kiran Hospital last year when he was in India on official duty.

“They are coming to Zimbabwe because one of the briefs I had from the Government was to tell India that Zimbabwe is open for all forms of investment.

“An invitation was sent to them and they are looking forward to landing in Zimbabwe. They have indicated that they are willing build a specialist hospital that will be the best in Southern Africa, if not Africa. This hospital will see patients no longer going to India for complex surgeries,” said Cde Modi.herald