MUSICIAN Paradzai Mesi says he is already looking into the future after he emerged as a free man following a week of personal tribulations.

He was live on Star FM setting the record straight on everything that happened and he refuted rumours that he once had 10 wives.

Mesi also dismissed allegations that he does not support his family

Regarding leaving alcohol he also jokingly said he wished the government could make him minister of alcohol in order to ban it.

The Njerama Boys band leader has apologised to his fans after what happened

Mesi has vowed to change his ways after charges against him were withdrawn by the complainant, Never Sabau, who confirmed his decision in the Concession Magistrates’ Court that he was not influenced by anyone else
He said he was already looking forward to his double date at Club Joy Centre in Chitungwiza where he is billed to perform on Friday and Saturday.

“To our fans ndirikuuya kuzokubharavadzai.

“It’s going to be fireworks on stage ” he said.

The musician grabbed headlines after a video of him in handcuffs emerged.

He was nabbed for theft.

But Mesi has now vowed to change.

“I am grateful for the help I received from Mudiwa Hood and I urge him to help many others who are in need.

“I also want to thank Never Sabau for forgiving me and for prioritising our relationship which I had messed up.

“I vow to change and be a better man,”