DAVID Kutyauripo is back on social media – this time for all the right reasons.

After a period of turbulence, in which he found himself trending for all the wrong reasons, it appears calm has returned to the former football star’s home.

The ex-Warriors player was pushed into the limelight, for all the wrong reasons, after his adulterous romances with many women, including married female members of his fitness club, were exposed.

Photographs of the former football star’s manhood that he sent to his girlfriends, as well as steamy messages about their romantic actions, were among the X-rated content leaked by his wife.

However, it appears the couple, who are now based in the United Kingdom, have found a way to resolve the issues triggered by those images.

Images of Kutyauripo having some funny moments with his wife, in recent days, have now emerged on social media.

His wife, Cathrine Kadzenga, even posted two photos of the couple on her social media pages.

In one of the photos, the couple appear to be even mocking those looking at the picture.

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