There was chaos in Chitungwiza Unit E area after Johane Masowe sect members brutally assaulted a 14-year-old girl for wearing a pair trousers.

According to the local tabloid, H-Metro, the unsuspecting victim was attacked by community members after passing through one of the houses in Unit E, wearing a pair of trousers.

Unit E area is a neighbourhood in Chitungwiza that houses a large number of Johane Masowe sect members and at every corner, there is a signpost which reads: ” No smoking, No Beers, No Trousers vakadzi.”

Tawanda Muchera, a resident who witnessed the incident, furnished the publication with the information on the events that led to the incident.

‘They beat her up badly, and she then ran for safety to a nearby bottle store. She had to hide inside for about three hours as the crowd waited for her to come outside.
”The people were so angry that they really wanted her head but the police came and rescued her,” he said.

Godfrey Munondo, of the Johanne sect told the publication that the Unit E suburb told the paper that the suburb had a way of life which needs to be respected.

”We acquired this area as Johane Masowe church. People have to realise that when they pass through they must observe and follow our church doctrine.
”We do not allow our women to wear trousers since it tarnishes the true reflection of a human being and you can see, I cannot wear shorts because it’s not allowed in this area,” said Munondo.