Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has accused Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry minister Prisca Mupfumira of stealing NSSA funds and using them to control ZANU PF officials like Chegutu West MP Dexter Nduna.

Mliswa alleged that Mupfumira owns a number of properties including Chinhoyi school which she is using a front called Charles Mutisi.
The firebrand Norton MP said he has committed his life to expose and fighting corruption and auditing the performance of ministers.

Read his full statement below:
I heard Hon Mupfumira on radio saying that there are outside people who are trying to infiltrate ZANU PF. This is a deflection of issues. There are no outsiders – she is doing the handiwork in destroying ZANU – PF in Mashwest herself!

Using stolen NSSA funds, she’s buying Abby Gava, Munondo and Nduna. The Chinhoyi school is not Mutisi’s, it’s hers! Let’s call for a lifestyle audit on Charles Mutisi. She pays the media in Mash West – using the money of poor pensioners.

The NSSA Forensic Audit was the Presidents’ first indication to whip people into line where corruption is concerned. I pushed for that forensic audit and I called out the likes of Kudenga in being implicated in that audit.
I fed the information in the forensic audit report and I am eager to have it brought out. The President is a lawyer, he knows more than anyone that such reports must be followed through to their logical end. Corruption was the vice of Mugabe in keeping corrupt people close.

Corruption will too be ominous for the President if he does not deal with it conclusively. The mantra of “open for business ” is made a mockery of by the likes of Hon Mupfumira who are soiled in corruption and are seeking political mileage and protection by staying close to ED.

I am a sincere Legislator. I have seen our old suffering in the rural areas in our townships- all around us. Corruption must be brought to an end. The cry of these people is an indictment on all of us and it should speak to our conscience.

I will not rest until the corruption scourge is dealt with. The mud slinging will not deter me. My objectives this term; 1. Fight corruption 2. Advocate the Rule of Law 3. Fight for democracy. The hallmarks of a healthy nation and a healthy economy.

The Mining sector which should contribute 14% of the national GDP has failed. Chitando – what have you brought to the GDP table? Fuel bail out? PS Moyo – what have you done in your capacity as CEO in that Ministry? The technocrats are failing, they are compromised – corrupt.

The recommendations have never been adhered to. We have dealers in the mining sectors. These dealers are speculators. Why take concessions from performers like Unki and Zimplats and give them to non – performers? These companies have contributed to the nation’s GDP.

With compromised MPs in resources, most of them will never exercise their oversight role. The Party whipping system is not helpful where one cannot speak against their Minister. How then do they exercise their legislative role.

The President tried to bring in technocrats as Ministers but some of them have clearly failed. Good performers are; S B Moyo, Shiri, Murwira, Mavhima – Chasi must be given a Cabinet position when there’s a re-shuffle as he has capacity.

I have taken it upon myself to do an evaluation of the Ministers. I will produce such rating soon as I believe when the next reshuffle happens, it should be based on merit. Some came for fashion, some for deals but some to work hard. They should be rewarded.

Finally,Mai Mupfumira – Golden Girl, G-40 founder, demoted for corruption by Mugabe but while she was hiding in the UK whilst ED was being tormented, she hatched the plan to come back and lie that she had been dismissed for the love of ED. It was for the love of money!

Mupfumira should be honest and state that her seat in the Central Committee was given to her by me when I was Chairman of Mashwest. She even lost that senatorial seat to Makumbe but Ziyambi as Chairman imposed her there. Ziyambi is dubious – it’s the same way he imposed Tsomondo.

I reiterate that for as long as the ruling party is not stable, Zimbabwe will go nowhere! We must have stability and development in our nation. This will not happen if our leadership does not do the right thing does not stop the bleeding by corruption. Source – Byo24News