The divorce proceedings of Bona Nyepudzai Ouma Mugabe, daughter of former President Robert Mugabe, and Simbarashe Mutsahuni Chikore have exposed the imbalances between the elite and the general populace.

Chikore listed 21 farms, more than 25 upmarket residential properties, cash, plus companies and movable properties worth millions of US dollars which he seeks to be shared equally. The couple also own a number of top of the range cars some of which have now been listed for sale in Harare.

In his counterclaim, Chikore wants all properties acquired during the subsistence of their marriage or donated to them as a couple to be shared equally.

According to Chikore before and during the marriage, he claims to have acquired or was given shares or owns solely or jointly, through donations and or in inheritance, the following residential properties:

Stand 287 Helensvale of 3,497ha valued at US$314 730.

Stand 288 Helensvale of 1,4207ha valued at US$305 000.

Stand 268 Helensvale of 1,3226ha valued at US$284 000.

Stand 306 Carrick Creagh of 1,8034ha valued at US$386 500.

Stand 307 Carrick Creagh of 2,5133ha valued at US$539 000.

Stand 308 Carrick Creagh of 1,3733ha valued at US$294 000.

Stand 309 Carrick Creagh of 1,6775ha valued at US$359 464

Stand 312 Carrick Creagh of 2.3311ha valued at US$499 500

Stand 313 Carrick Creagh of 2.6676ha valued at US$571 628.

Stand 347 Carrick Creagh of 1.3733ha valued at US$294 000.

Stand 348 Carrick Creagh of 0,712ha valued at US$152 571.

Stand 349 Carrick Creagh of 1.4407ha valued at US$308 721.

Stand 99 Carrick Creagh valued at US$180 000.

Stand 61 Helensvale valued at US$4 300 000.

Stand 40 Helensvale of 8,6257ha valued at US$1 848 364.29.

The remainder of Helensvale of 73.3819ha valued at US$40 000 000.

Stand 466 Carrick Creagh called Teede Land of 54,8726ha valued at US$11 758 414,29

Stand 27 Quorn Avenue valued at US$550 000.

Stand in Milton Park valued at US$330 000.

Lot 5 Helensvale of 2.4019ha valued at US$514 692.86.

The Mansion 657 Dubai has an estimated value of AED 30 million.

Chikore in his counter-claim also says he acquired or was given shares or owns solely or jointly, through donations and or in inheritance, the following twenty-one (21) farms and properties:

Rosam farm of 104.2335ha.

Smithfield Farm of 3280.5898ha.

Gushungo Estate/remainder of Foyle 1200ha.

Iron Mask farm 207,8205ha.

Cressy Dale 945,037ha.

Cressy Dale Lot Two 184,534ha.

Tankantara 659,98ha.

John O’Groats 669,5ha.

Lot 1 Swan dale 155,482ha.

Lot 2 Swan dale 101,84ha.

Swandale 106,361ha.

Clifford 1426ha

Vusumuzi Banket farm 3182ha

Teviotdale Kaseplan farm 310,6189ha.

• Remainder of Teviotdale 186,46ha.

Buckland Estate 280ha.

Yarrow Dale Farm 2516,3358ha.

Lemon Pool 102,5766ha.

Lot B of Greater B 404,6744ha.

Benissa Farming Company 1248,8033ha.

Surtic 6385,3470ha.

Chikore further claims that before and during the marriage he acquired or was given shares or owns solely or jointly, through donations and or in inheritance, a Rolls Royce car with a value of AED 2 900 000.

He then lists immovable properties which he says are owned jointly with the shareholding registered in both names:

Stand 152 Lunar Road of 12.0748ha valued at US$8.5 million.

Stand Number 153 Lunar Road of 12,509ha valued at US$5.1 million.

Stand 1820 Chishawasha valued at US$50 000.

Stand 1837 Chishawasha valued at US$87 000.

Mwenewazvo/Sigaro farm of 873 hectares plus cash of US$760 000 in a bag removed by Ms Mugabe from their residence. In addition, the sum of US$129 000 that Chikore says he gave to Ms Mugabe for farm sales.

The parties also acquired the following vehicles jointly:

Range Rover Autobiography $140 000

Nissan NP300 AES 7205 $10 000

Nissan NP300 AES 7177 $10 000

NP300 AES 7203 $10 000

Nissan El Grand AFM 8548 $7000

Dodge Nitro ADI 6535 $7000

Toyota Landcruiser AFM 8549 $27 000

Range Rover Sport AEF 5922 (accident damaged) $30 000

Range Rover Sport AEC 6243 (2009) $10 000

Toyota Landcruiser AFM8550 $25 000

Mercedes S500 AEN 0355 $12 000

Mercedes S430 ADV7053 $8000

Bentley 101 (non-runner) $15 000

Mercedes GL 320 (non-runner) $7000

Yamaha motorbike $6500

Mercedes GL550 Dubai $13 000

Also on the near-endless list is the farming equipment and machinery worth millions of United States dollars.