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There was drama at a wedding in the capital yesterday after the groom’s estranged wife and her relatives came to stop the wedding.

The wedding between Melania Nyamukuta and Obey Jekenya in Mabvuku was brought to a dramatic end after Jekenya’s first wife Lisa Kanhimba came to stop the proceedings.

Kanhimba and her relatives were planted around the venue and when the couple was about to say their vows, they left their seats approaching the pulpit shouting that the wedding was not legal as they had an interdict from the High Court.

Kanhimba’s mother was the first to get to the pulpit where she grabbed Jekenya by the collar and tore his bowtie shouting “Pano hapasi kuzochatwa kana asati aramba mwana wangu,” as people restrained her from the altar.

Her aunt also approached the altar shouting all sorts of obscenities dragging the two children for the wedding guests to see that the groom has another marriage.

The interdict was issued when they learnt that Jekenya had left his wife in December last year, however, he is now visiting his first wife and two kids paying their bills.

The two are reported to have been married since 2013 and have two children.

The bride broke down in tears as the drama unfolded before she had been unveiled.

— HMetro