Leader of ZAOGA  Archbishop Ezekiel Guti has released an Apostle Ezekiel Guti Kingdom Life Bible which is composed of the regular King James version and Apostolic teachings by Archbishop Ezekiel Guti.

The Bible was published by EGEA Christian Publications an arm of Ezekiel Guti Evangelistic Association.

The Bible joins the list of many Bibles written by Pastors including John C. Maxwell reading Bible,Billy Graham  Leadership Training Bible and the Joyce Meyer Everyday Life Bible.

Guti’s Bible has torched a storm in the Christian community with others feeling he is bordering around heresy while others defend him saying there is nothing wrong he is just adding his commentary and not changing verses.

One Nyasha Mafresh said, “I used to respect this man but idea of writing his own Bible is a no for me.”

Simba Mazorodze defending the Bible saying, “There are loads of Bibles on the market by preachers. I personally see nothing wrong with what Guti has done. It’s a NKJV Bible with teachings and notes by Guti. To say that he has written his “own” bible is a misrepresentation. It’s clear that the Bible contains some extra material not verses from Guti. His sermons and commentary on some verses to make it easy for you to understand.”