The Vice President of the Thokozani Khupe led MDC Obert Gutu has accused activist Patson Dzamara of possessing a fake Doctoral Degree.

Gutu revealed that during a Twar with Dramara over the Monetary Policy Statement that was announced by Central Bank Governor John Panonetsa Mangudya on Wednesday.

“We expect candid and objective analysis of RBZ Governor John Mangudya’s Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) by seasoned economists and not the usual posturing and grandstanding by over-rated political opportunists who can’t even manage their personal finances,” Gutu said.

Gutu’s statements were not received well by Dzamara who questioned Gutu’s capacity to analyse economics.

Said Dzamara, “And what do u call what u have just done here? Are you an economist yourself? No, you are not? Did you make a comment about the MPS? Yes, you did. What makes you think others who are not ‘seasoned economists’ can’t comment about it too? Chill, you are a ‘class monitor’ at your home, not here.”

In response Gutu said Dzamara possess a fake PHD.

“For someone with a FAKE PhD like yourself, I have got nothing but absolute contempt and disdain. You aren’t even smart enough to be my gardener.”

Dzamara responded with a sarcastic statement telling Gutu that he loves gardening but did not refute the fake degree allegations.

“I actually love gardening and I do it during my spare time. I am not sure why you look at it with contempt. It’s a good profession. I did my primary and secondary school with the help of gardening Of course, a failed politician like you won’t understand that gardeners are voters too.”byo24