A Ugandan deputy minister, Retired Colonel Charles Okello Engola, has been shot and killed by a soldier who was guarding him.

Engola who was the deputy minister for gender and labour, was shot at his home on Tuesday morning.

It’s unclear if there was an argument between the soldier and Col Engola.

The Speaker of Uganda’s parliament confirmed Col Engola’s death in a short statement while presiding over the morning session. Anita Among told MPs on Tuesday:

This morning I received sad news that Hon Engola has been shot by his bodyguard and after, shot himself. May his soul rest in peace. That was God’s plan. We can’t change anything.

The soldier, who has not been identified, walked around the neighbourhood firing shots in the air before shooting himself.

Initial reports suggest a number of people may have been injured and videos on social media showed locals gathering at the scene in shock.

Col Engola was a senior government official and had previously served as a deputy minister for defence.