Efforts to find a lover on a local dating site have backfired for several women leading to loss of valuables.

Yesterday, police arrested a suspect, Micheal Tapfumaneyi in connection with attacks on several women he promised to marry before robing them.

Tapfumanyei was only arrested after a trap was set up with one of the police officers posing as his lover.

“He met one of the ladies here in Harare at Roadport where he offered to carry her bags.

“They met over the site and he told her he was going to introduce her to his relatives before he vanished into thin air at the bus terminal,” said a source.

Reports say Tapfumaneyi was posting his brief proposal on the popular dating site using different numbers.

One of the ladies who was scammed spoke to H-Metro and said she met Tapfumaneyi in Masvingo.

“He told me that he was interested in me and was ready to marry me.

“He travelled all the way from Harare to Masvingo and booked us into a lodge before stealing my cellphone and escaping during the night,” said the lady.