CASH strapped Kwekwe City Council reportedly failed to raise $35 for the purchase of fumigation chemicals, it has been established.

The local authority came under scrutiny for failure to fumigate bees that had swarmed a tree in Amaveni suburb and stinging residents.

Speaking during a city’s full council meeting last week, Kwekwe city treasurer Mrs Rejoice Maweni, admitted that her department had been sitting on the application that was submitted by the health department last year.

“We acknowledge receiving the requisition but the problem was that it surpassed the maximum petty cash of $30. So we urge the department to make another requisition indicating the proper amount then we can process,” said Mrs Maweni.

She said under normal circumstances, the requisitions do not take more than five days to process. Deputy Health Director Mr John Bandama expressed disgust at the department for failing to prioritise the safety of the residents.

“We made this requisition last year in December, and I am disappointed that up to this date they are yet to process anything.

“Many times I have to fork out money from my pocket because I make requisitions that are not successful. At the end of the day, it is my department that comes under scrutiny,” said Mr Bandama.

He said it is unfair for the finance department to sleep on duty leaving his department prone to attacks for failure to execute duties.

“We should prioritise the safety of the ratepayers ahead of everything else. I should say I am very disappointed by this scenario,” fumed Mr Bandama.

The development led Ward 14 Councillor MacLean Nyamucherera, the only Zanu-PF Councillor in the 14 member chamber, said since it was going to take more time to process the money, he would donate the money needed to fumigate the bees.

“It looks like the process will be completed by Monday, I think it’s too far and the residents are exposed to the bees who can do harm at any time.

“I therefore make a pledge to buy the required chemicals from my own pocket,” said Clr Nyamucherera.Sundaynews