MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has said that President Mnangagwa has no choice but to dialogue with the opposition, adding that his party is planning crippling demonstrations to force the President to the negotiating table.

“If Mnangagwa is not willing to dialogue, we will have to invite him to dialogue through political pressure. In terms of the Constitution, we have a democratic right to demonstrate. We will have to bring everyone to Harare and this is the mother of all demonstrations. This country must be liberated,” said Chamisa, at a public lecture to commemorate the life of founding MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai in Harare on Thursday.

“We continue on the same path led by Tsvangirai. I have refused to have my victory stolen by Mnangagwa. We are not going to stop, we are going after him until he lets go of what he stole. He has to return what is ours.”

Chamisa threatened to unleash a humongous demonstration against the Zanu PF government, despite threats of another military crackdown.

“The ZCTU [Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions] is our mother. They called for a peaceful stayaway and when it was very successful, they blamed the sins of the mother on the child. You will see us when we call our own. Very soon, we are calling for one, we are going there,” he said.

Chamisa, who has refused to recognise Mnangagwa’s victory in last year’s presidential poll, said he would mobilise his supporters to march against gun-toting security forces.

“Are we afraid to die? We are not. We are already dead. Do we fear getting injured? We are already hurt. Are you afraid that these people will finish you? They can’t finish us, we are many. It’s us who will finish them,” he said.

Chamisa reaffirmed his desire to retain his post at the MDC elective congress slated for October.

Chamisa told the public lecture that his party was prepared to use its political muscle through demonstrations, where all its supporters countrywide would descend on Harare and demand dialogue to discuss Mnangagwa’s legitimacy and genuine electoral and political reforms.

“The dates of the demonstration will come, but we want this country to be peaceful and prosperous. But that has to be done on account of dialogue and we have said we need dialogue on these issues,” he said.ZoomZimbabwe