DICTATORIAL tendencies by the MDC-Alliance has once again come to fore after and a member of the party’s MDC Veterans Activists Association suspended its deputy treasurer-general on allegations of challenging the “authority” of party president, Mr Nelson Chamisa on television.

Sunday News is in possession of a letter addressed to Mr Edwin Dzambara notifying him of his suspension as deputy treasurer-general following his remarks on ZBCtv where he said Mr Chamisa was no more than an ordinary member of the MDC-Alliance.

“Dear Mr E Dzambara, be informed forthwith that the National Executive of VAA has suspended you (Mr Edwin Dzambara) from your deputy treasurer’s post of the same, for denigrating the MDCVAA patron, who doubles as the MDC party president, Advocate Nelson Chamisa, for reasons best known to yourself.

Yesterday, the 15th you instantly, appeared (with known rebels, anti-MDC people, among them a Webber Chinyadza) on ZTV castigating the MDC president and the MDC party without a justifiable cause. To protect the organisation, VAA has therefore, relieved you, instantly, of your VAA post as its DTG. With immediate effect, disciplinary hearing proceedings are underway on the said charges, and you will be given a fair chance to be heard and to explain/ defend yourself at a date to be informed,” read part of the letter.

VAA national deputy chairperson Mr Felix Mafa confirmed the suspension.

“VAA believes in the freedom of speech and all human rights. Leader Edwin Dzambara has a right to his opinions, however, he should first discuss his reservations with his executive not in collaboration with MDC and president Chamisa political adversaries. He alleges that president Chamisa is just a card carrying MDC member contrary to VAA and MDC, the mainstream, said Mr Mafa.

Mr Chamisa is reportedly facing strong opposition to the post. The party is set to hold its congress later this year to elect new office bearers but Mr Chamisa has been reportedly purging those against his leadership so that he is re-elected.Zimpapers