by Kelvin Kasiwulaya

‘The duty of an opposition is very simple… to oppose everything and propose nothing.’ Thus spake British Prime Minister Lord Derby in the House of Commons in 1841, this British political adage is now the order of the day in Zimbabwean opposition politics

It is very sound and logical to have a vibrant opposition in a democratic country like Zimbabwe, but fellow countrymen, opposing everything and proposing nothing really ? it is the ”ideological compatibility” reason that is the most pernicious and which transforms a local cave-in to a national political concern. It goes to the question of why political parties exist.

Nothing is more pitiful than a nation being swept along by fools who think harvesting bees instead of honey for their kith an kin will pressure the ruling party to consider a coalition government.

Nero as his corsage of supporters call him, as his Sazita Nero the last Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty who is said to have “fiddled while Rome burned.”

Barely 72hours after the Reserve Bank Governor presented the nation’s monetary policy, Nero took to the podium doing what the opposition is programmed to do …to oppose everything and propose nothing.’

Here is what the opposition leader had to say

“THE MONETARY POLICY STATEMENT is a disaster that will erode livelihoods, plunge the nation into darkness & uncertainty.

“The nation was misled that bondnote was equal to USD. Not good enough to simply wake to say the same are now no longer equal, minus apology & compensation. “

kkkkkkkk still following, the above-quote is a clear presentation of lethargic opposition politics, yes he mentioned the challenges that Zimbabweans are most likely to face as a result of the monetary policy presented by Dr Jonh Panonetsa Mangudya but, the million dollar question is what are his propositions? kkkkkkkkk are the propositions workable or their just big packages of idealism.