The MDC Alliance is now constitutionally without a leader following the expiry of the temporary term of the leader Mr Nelson Chamisa on 14 February 2019. Chamisa ascended to the thrown after twisting and circumventing the constitution. In a show of power hungry tendency Chamisa trampled upon the constitution with no shame. His actions are a clear warning to Zimbabweans that if he gets his foot to the State House the rule of law will fly through the window.

According to the MDC Constitution a substantive leader will have to be elected through a Congress to be convened within 12months after the passing of a sitting president. The former MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai died on the 14th February 2018.

Now MDC must show the world that it is indeed democratic and call for a congress. This congress should be constitutionally presided by the Vice President. Chamisa having tainted his respect for the constitution he will not preside over the congress. Mudzuri will then supervise the October 2019 Congress where all positions shall be contested. Cracks are now visible as true democrats in the MDC are leaning on the side of Democracy and are calling for the respect of constitutionalism.

Chamisa was stopped in his tracks when he tried to influence the Party’s National Council to pass a resolution that would see him side step an Extra-Ordinary Congress. This bold move to shake Chamisa back to reality has shown that Chamisa is fast losing grip of the MDC. Chamisa was reminded that the Constitution stipulates that a Congress be held within 12months of the passing of a sitting President. It is because Chamisa now faces serious legitimate issues such that his rhetoric about ED’s legitimacy becomes ironical. Considering that Morgan Tsvangirai passed away on 14 February 2017 it then follows that a Congress be held anytime from now and not in October as has been touted by Chamisa.

It is the Secretary General of the MDC Alliance Mr Douglas Mwonzora who carries the burden to decide and announce a date and Convene the Extra Ordinary Congress in accordance with the MDC Constitution. In view of the fact that Mwonzora and Chamisa do not see eye to eye fireworks are expected behind the scenes.

Chamisa is now in a very unenviable position of having to compete for this position for the first time. Because of this confusion in his camp Chamisa has failed to engage ED in any dialogue as he has no mandate to do so from his own party. Chamisa hounded Thokozani Khupe out of Harvest House when the Extra Ordinary Congress was imminent after Tsvangirai’s death and he had to fall back on the captured NC to rescue him from the imminent humiliation had a Congress been convened. He proved that he will not respect any law or the constitution and it will be disaster is he is elected to any national duty.

This time Chamisa wont be incharge of the Congress as he will be just like any other delegate to the Congress.It may have to be adjudicated by a neutral convernor should Mr Mwonzora choose to contest. It is clear that in any internal elections Chamisa has not done well. He was trumped by Mwonzora to the position of the Secretary General. He did not hide his to be culture of never admitting defeat. He walked out of the Congress and only returned to the party through the back door after he was appointed Vice President in an unconstitutional move by Tsvangirai.

Chamisa is ill prepared for this imminent Congress as he has been busy on useless nationwide rallies while he neglected engagement with the voting delegates.

While Chamisa was engaging courts Mwonzora was reported to have been quietly and merticulously engaging the 5000 or so delegates to Congress.

Chamisa advanced an argument that MDC Alliance is a totally new party. Alliance is a conglomerate of different Parties which did not sign any treaty and neither is there a binding Constitution.The Alliance is precariously anchored on the original MDC Constitution. So Chamisa and his backers are in a fix.

In this fix the question of his legitimacy will unenviably draw him back to the original MDC Constitution which will define who the real leader of the original MDC is, which leader should assume Presidency of the Alliance. So either way Chamisa is in a fix.He cannot for any justifiable reason ignore the Constitutional question.For him to be a good leader he must be guided by the constitution.

Chamisa must remember that his real fight is not against ZANU PF anymore but against his own Constitution. The legal affairs of the MDC is in serious confusion. It is a dog’s breakfast.

Chamisa can not demand Constitutionalism from ZANU PF while he is arbitrarily trashing his own internal Party Statutes.His uncontrolled thirsty for power has technically exposed his dictatorship tendencies. It shows as well that Chamisa has no support from MDC natural funders Well, to those who know, it’s not news. The US was behind Biti leaving the MDC previously. In the same they forced Tsvangirai to accept him back and when Chamisa took over to accelerate Biti’s rise through the ranks of chinhu chavo.Byo24