The MDC Bulawayo Province has announced that it is supporting the leadership of Nelson Chamisa as President of the party beyond the impending October elective congress.

The endorsement comes after the Deputy Chief Secretary to the Office of the President and Cabinet George Charamba said as the government they will make sure that Chamisa is contested during the Congress.

“As MDC Bulawayo province we want to make it clear that we support and stand with our president Advocate Nelson Chamisa and shall support him beyond October Congress.” Edwin Ndlovu the Provincial Deputy Spokesperson said.

“It is worrying that ZANU PF wants to educate us on our own internal processes. This is very clear that the regime is afraid of our president hence their shenanigans. Our national council which is the supreme decision-making body between congresses appointed Advocate Nelson Chamisa to lead the party until our next Congress in October 2019.”

On Tuesday Chamisa revealed that the National Council sitting on Friday after which the roadmap towards the Congress shall be announced to the membership and the public.

Ndlovu further called upon the government of Emmerson Mnangagwa to release political prisoners and to focus on internal ZANU PF fights.

“ZANU PF military regime instead of dealing with its own factional wars and fixing the economy is busy trying to tell us when and how we should choose our leaders. As a party and Bulawayo province we know what we want, we know that when ZANU PF complains we are in the right direction.

“We finally call upon Emmerson Mnangagwa to release all political prisoners in his jails and initiate a genuine dialogue to help solve the illegitimacy of his government and rescue the suffering people of Zimbabwe.”