A Beitbridge family is living in fear after discovering a deep mine shaft under their house.

Stand number 3943 in Beitbridge is the house that the Mujuru family built in 2008.

Six years later, the ground started to give in, compelling an adventurous young Justin Chadzima to explore the hole that opened up under the concrete precast wall and garage.

Justin went underground and discovered a huge mining tunnel with three shafts going horizontally in different directions.

“It is very deep. There are three tunnels going in different directions,” he said.

The family sought an explanation from council only to hear that the house was built on a disused mine.

The tunnels belong to a former copper mine known as Pub and was discontinued many years ago.

However, help has not been forthcoming despite many years since its discovery and the Mujuru family and their neighbours are living in fear.

As the family complains of slow response from council and the red tape at the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development’s Gwanda offices, answers from the local authority are also not convincing.

The reply from the municipality only went as far as ‘We are aware of that issue.’

One wonders whether local authority waits for disaster to strike for them to take action. ZBC