Explosive allegations have shaken up the Zimbabwean showbiz world, as Ketty Masomera accuses her former friend and fellow celebrity, Mai TT, of leading a promiscuous lifestyle by juggling multiple men without protection.

But the accusations didn’t stop there. Ketty also claimed that Mai TT had been intimate with Baba Harare, a popular musician who had also been involved with Tariro Gezi.

The shocking revelations have left fans and critics reeling, with social media buzzing with disbelief.

Ketty further alleged that Mai TT was a broke celebrity who lived a fake lifestyle on borrowed money, debunking the claim that her former husband had taken her money.

Mai TT responded by accusing Ketty of buying her friendship and betraying her trust.

She then proceeded to publicly burn all the clothes and wigs that Ketty had gifted her.