NO SEX bofore game, Zim female soccer medics cry foul

Share this on WhatsApp“We are not allowed to sleep with our husbands from 2 days before a football match,” Zimbabwe female football physiotherapists revealed the well known football secret. It could have been better if it was just bedroom sanctions they have to deal with, however, there is a lot of abuse and ill treatment… Read More »

Embassies in Zimbabwe call for respect of human rights during protests

Share this on police brutality steps a gear up Lovemore Lubinda|Zimnewsnet Police brutality went a notch higher today as they attacked people who were waiting for the court order to demonstrate under the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) and Coalition of Democrats (Code) that comprises more than 18 political parties. The grouping had sought… Read More »

Mugabe passes through fire storm, flies out while Harare burns

Share this on WhatsAppChad Mabhena| Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has flown out of the capital city, Harare amidst tear-gassing of citizens. As the cat and mouse game between police and demonstrators, the president’s motorcade drove through Julius Nyerere Way, heading for Harare International Airport, however, the destination is yet to be established. Police had to… Read More »

Promise Mkwananzi ‘Tajamuka leader’ arrested, In court today

Share this on WhatsAppAs people gather in Harare to expressed anger at the way President Mugabe’s government is ill treating citizens, prominent activist Promise Mkwananzi has been arrested. He is due to appear in court in connection with the deadly riots that rocked Harare early this week. In a statement posted via facebook, #Tajamuka notified… Read More »

LATEST: Mnangagwa to be buried today

Share this on WhatsAppZimbabwe vice president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s older brother Philip is set for burial today. The older  Mnangagwa died early this week after a long undisclosed illness. A staunch Zanu PF supporter, Mnangagwa has been close to the ruling party since his days as a teacher in Zambia. Mnangagwa will be laid to… Read More »

LIVE NEWS UPDATES: Zimbabwe NERA Mega Demonstrations-Protests Today

Share this on WhatsAppGet Breaking News>>>ZIM DEMO NEWS..TODAY’s  Protests By MDC, ZIM PF, MAVAMBO, PDP… 26 August 2016 Update on Zimbabwe Situation Today News Flash-—Harare High Court Permits DEMO! Protest Starts at 1200–Police are creating chaos..firing teargas into crowds ‘Battle hardened’ MDC T youths  have literally taken over the main entrance into the city centre via… Read More »

Zim riot police deployed in Bulawayo, Masvingo for Friday demonstrations

Share this on WhatsAppLatest Zimbabwe News Update: Tomorrow’s Protest Demo by Opposition Parties The government of President Mugabe is expecting a massive national  protest by Zimbabwe opposition parties tomorrow. Fearing a repeat of what happened in Harare yesterday, heavily armed riot police (supported by soldiers in police uniform according to some unconfirmed reports), have been… Read More »